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Not too long ago, it was reported in a Lancaster Newspaper that the state of pavements in Lancaster was so poor that some people are apparently wearing socks over their shoes for additional grip to prevent a slip or fall!

In the Lancaster area, Lancashire County Council have a duty of care to all pedestrians to ensure that careful monitoring and checks, especially on popular highways or pathways, are properly monitored and maintained to ensure that members of the public do not suffer injuries whilst travelling on faulty pavements or paths. Unfortunately those checks are sometimes not done and pathways can become dangerous causing people to slip, trip and sustain preventable injuries.

In you have been unfortunate enough to suffer an injury as a result of a slip or trip on a faulty pathway then please contact us and we can discuss taking on your case on a “no win no fee” basis.

It may be that you are currently off work due to your injuries or you may even require on-going care to aid your rehabilitation. These are just some of the losses which you may be able to make a compensation claim for, in addition to your actual injuries, but we will discuss this with you and advise accordingly.

Our John Hirst & Chris Moore have dealt with many claims against Councils and deal with a wide variety of personal injury and clinical negligence cases throughout the country. This month alone we have secured damages for our clients in excess of £80,000.00.

Please feel free to contact us for a free no obligation chat about any potential injury claim you or a loved one may wish to pursue.


All information is correct on the date of posting.