Our Business Model

Ten years ago, Richard Hirst our Managing Director, recognised that the legal sector was at a point of significant change and that traditional high street solicitors’ practices, along with the high street generally, would need to adopt far more efficient ways of working and streamline their business models in order to compete effectively in the 21st Century.

The business model of Laker Legal Solicitors was therefore specifically designed to achieve those goals, whilst at the same time enhancing the levels of Experience, Quality and Value that we offer to all our clients.

We dispensed with the expensive fixed high street office, which upon examination was in fact more for the glorification of the owners of the firm rather than for the use of the clients, who only occasionally need to visit.

We replaced this single fixed high street office with professional consulting rooms in major cities in England and Wales. This enabled us to service clients on a nationwide basis in professional accommodation on all the occasions when we needed to see clients face to face.

The overhead cost of this new way of working was significantly less than the cost of running one single fixed high street office, as the consulting rooms are only used when needed.

We dispensed with unnecessary administration/secretarial staff and introduced voice recognition and secure case management systems, which allows our Solicitors to dictate directly to their computers which then produced the final email, letter or document on the screen in real time. We dispensed with bulky filing cabinets filled with paper files and offices cluttered with computer hardware and replaced them with fully electronic files and secure cloud- based case management systems.

We replaced the traditional fixed line telephone system with cloud voice telephony, which enables calls to be answered by our staff where ever they happen to be working within the UK or abroad.

All the above very efficient and stream lined methods of working now allow our staff to work completely flexibly from where ever they choose. They regularly answer queries and deal with any correspondence outside normal office hours if needed, as your file is always to hand on their laptops anytime and anywhere, they wish to work.

These methods of working have reduced the Firm’s overhead costs and enabled us to deliver an unbeatable combination of Experience, Quality and Value to all our clients. We believe many of our competitors would struggle to match our very high levels of service commitment.

Since the commencement of Laker Legal Solicitors, client’s feedback on our business model has been outstanding and the firm has grown steadily throughout the last 10 years.