Our Commitment

Laker Legal Solicitors was formed in 2011 as the Directors recognised that the legal sector was changing rapidly and that traditional high street solicitors’ practices needed to adapt in order to continue providing high quality legal services whilst at the same time adopting a much more affordable and speedy level of service for clients. Our commitment to our clients was to create a Solicitors Practice which delivered an unbeatable combination of experience, quality and value. Our way of working is proving very successful and we now have a truly 21st Century Solicitors Practice with a nationwide client base.

Unlike many solicitors practices we don’t use filing cabinets locked away in an office. Our client files are securely stored electronically. This allows us to regularly answer queries and deal with correspondence outside normal office hours, and at weekends, as your file is always to hand on our laptops anytime and anywhere we wish to work. We are also conscious of the need to fully protect emails between yourself and Laker Legal and therefore we provide a free encrypted email service.

All post is sent to our administrative PO Box address and from there it is scanned on to our systems and on to each individual client’s matter. So whether our Lawyers are in London, Manchester or even abroad, they have access to their up to date postal correspondence the very day it arrives at our administrative base.

Whilst many practices still have their solicitors dictating to secretaries or to dictation machines, voice recognition means that our solicitors dictate directly to their computers which then produce the final email, letter, or document on the screen as they speak.

All these methods enable us to deliver our commitment to all of our clients, of experience, quality and value. We believe many of our competitors would struggle to match our levels of service commitment.

We know that if we always put your interests at the heart of our quality legal service, then you will return to us in the future and you might even tell your family and friends that you have experienced an absolutely great legal service, but this time at an affordable cost!