Fixed Fees

Many Solicitors practices offer fixed fee services for their clients however their websites are not truly transparent as to their hourly charging rates or as to what their fixed fees actually are.

Laker Legal Solicitors know that our clients appreciate the peace of mind of knowing at the outset of their case what their costs are likely to be. This is precisely why we offer a low cost fixed fee service and why we are always absolutely transparent about our costs.

Our low cost fixed fees are at least 33% less than most Solicitors charge and we are able to provide our clients with these fantastic rates due to the very cost effective business model that we have created. If you are interested to know precisely how we save money for our clients on legal fees then please CLICK HERE.

Our policy is to provide our clients with a transparent low cost legal service without compromising on the quality of that service and our clients will tell you that we deliver this quality assured service time and time again. To see feedback from our clients about our high service levels and very reasonable charges please CLICK HERE.

Where it is initially not possible to provide our clients with a fixed fee for the work they require us to carry out because we do not at that time know the full extent of the work required then we will charge an hourly rate which is discussed in detail below.

Our Solicitors' Hourly Charging Rates 

If a Solicitor does not provide a fixed fee service for certain legal work then they will charge an hourly rate.

Sometimes a client`s legal fees may become increased by the behaviour of their opponent which can influence the length of time taken to resolve their legal case. In these circumstances solicitors cannot always provide a fixed fee at the outset of the case. Sometimes it is not entirely clear at the outset what detailed work is required for the client and therefore it is impossible to provide a fixed fee until the full extent of the work required is established.

Laker Legal Solicitors as with other solicitor’s practices have hourly charging rates as well as very low fixed fees. However, the big difference is that our hourly charging rates are considerably less than those of the average high street solicitors practice.

Our own research tells us that the average high street solicitor`s hourly charging rate throughout England and Wales is around £280.00/hour + VAT for an experienced solicitor. Some charge slightly more some charge slightly less. The hourly charging rates also vary according to where you are in England and Wales. In London and the South East of England you can expect to pay considerably more than this.

We charge a national maximum rate of only £200.00 plus vat per hour, for an experienced solicitor, creating very substantial savings for you throughout the life of your case.

Our objective at Laker Legal Solicitors is simply to deliver a high quality legal service to you, but for considerably less cost in order to create the very best cost savings for you that we can achieve.

When you first make contact with us to enquire about our services and whether we can assist you, we are always very happy to have a telephone consultation with you without charge or obligation in order to discuss your particular legal problem. However, we do not offer any gimmicks like “free clinics” or “free initial interviews”. Most people appreciate that nothing is actually “free” and we believe that it is never in your best interests to have a free initial interview or clinic appointment and then be charged at a higher rate for the rest of your case as many other solicitor’s practices in fact do. In such circumstances savvy clients quickly appreciate that the “free” clinic or interview is just a sales gimmick to hook them in. We prefer a much more honest, transparent and straightforward approach and simply keep your legal costs low throughout your case because we feel that this is in your very best interests.

Third Party Charges 

Where any third party is ordered to pay your legal charges under any No Win No Fee Agreement our charging rates to that third party are calculated in accordance with accepted Court charging guidelines for that type of work.

We offer the following funding arrangements for medical negligence and other areas of law :

  • No win no fee agreement ( otherwise known as a Conditional Fee Agreement )
  • Damages Based Agreement
  • You may have an existing legal expenses insurance policy which would meet legal costs