Laker Legal’s Cookie Policy 

This Policy adheres to the Privacy and Electronic Communications ( EC Directive) (Amendment ) Regulations 2011, as implemented by UK Law in accordance with European Directive 2002/58/EC and its amended provision, European Directive 2009/136/EC.

The purpose of this Policy is to convey a transparent and accurate account of the types of Cookies used by Laker Legal Solicitors. We understand that not everybody will be familiar with what cookies are or why they are used and this Policy serves to provide our valued users with some general information about cookies and some specific information about the cookies that we use.

What are Cookies ?

Cookies are effectively small text files comprising of letters and numbers which are downloaded on to a user’s computer device whenever the user visits certain websites. Although Cookies do not provide personally identifiable information the purpose of the recently implemented legislation is to protect the privacy of internet users.

How do I manage my Cookies?

Most web browsers automatically have Cookies enabled by default. This does not mean that you cannot change your default setting. You can easily do so by locating the `Help` menu on your device.

What type of Cookies does Laker Legal`s website use ?

Laker Legal Solicitors DO NOT use Cookies in order to gather and store information of a confidential, sensitive and personal nature. We use Google Analytics and the information we retain through the use of Cookies is made up of letters and numbers and creates a unique reference individual to each user.

What is Google Analytics and why do we use it ? 

A significant number of websites across the globe use Google Analytics in order to analyse data relating to the number of unique visitors visiting their websites on a daily basis. The information which Google provides enables companies to monitor the success of the website which in turn enhances the users` visiting experience. We use Google analytics as it enables us to monitor how long each user spends on each individual page, meaning that we can observe carefully, the length of time each visitor spends on each page. We can therefore remove any content which is not viewed and replace this material with more helpful material therefore enhancing both the users` visiting experience and the functionality of our website. For more information on Google Analytics please see here.


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