Recovery rates for cancer are better than they ever have been however cancer is still the most severe illness which can hugely impact upon people lives. Treatment can be very lengthy and intense and will likely be an extremely unpleasant, stressful and emotional period of your life.

The majority of treatment provided from the National Health Service and private health providers is exemplary however occasionally delays, failure to diagnose and  incorrect diagnosis can occur which could have the most severe of consequences for you and your family.

The most common types of cancer medical negligence claims arise due to a delay or failure to diagnose or an incorrect misdiagnosis.

Consequences of a failure to properly diagnose from an early stage could have severe consequences and many claims arise due to :

  • Failure to adequately investigate
  • Scans & X-rays being misinterpreted
  • Tissue samples and smears were wrongly interpreted by pathologists
  • Incorrect referral to wrong specialists
  • Delay in treatment / arrangements for tests
  • Failure to act upon abnormal test results
  • Failure to revisit original diagnosis and reassess when patient`s symptoms continue
  • Incorrect reporting of scans / test results

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