Cerebral palsy refers to the range of birthing injuries that can affect a child’s central nervous system including the brain, thus, preventing it from proper functioning.

However, unlike most congenital defects, the medical condition can be the result of medical negligence by healthcare professionals. Parents (or others) should consider bringing a cerebral palsy negligence claim when they have strong suspicions that their child is needlessly suffering from the medical condition due to the mistakes committed by healthcare personnel.

If you are one of these parents, then please feel free to contact us to discuss your child`s potential negligence claim. You will require the competent and compassionate assistance of an experienced team of legal and medical experts in assessing and commencing your potential claim.

Cerebral palsy claims may arise out of the following instances:

  • Misdiagnosis including the failure to diagnose infection to either the mother or her baby during the pregnancy
  • Negligence in handling premature or traumatic labour
  • Misdiagnosis including failure to diagnose bleeding in the baby’s brain
  • Failure in the diagnosis and/or treatment of abnormal development of the baby’s brain
  • Failure in the diagnosis and/or handling of placental abruption
  • Failure in the diagnosis and/or treatment of infections after birth, such as meningitis

In the event that your claim doesn`t arise out of any of the above instances you should still contact us to discuss your case if you still believe that the doctors’ mistakes resulted in cerebral palsy. We can assess the circumstances surrounding your case and determine the viability of filing cerebral palsy claims on behalf of your child. Call us now to see how we can best assist you at this difficult time.