Many cosmetic surgery procedures are routine in nature and over 70,000 men and women undergo cosmetic procedures annually in the UK. Sadly things can go wrong both during and after the procedures.

Here at Lakers Legal Solicitors we have the legal expertise to pursue cosmetic surgery claims on your behalf.

Did you know that the rules and regulations governing the cosmetic surgery industry in the United Kingdom leave something to be desired? Negligence in both invasive and non-invasive procedures is an all too common occurrence, which results in a wide range of injuries to patients.

If you have suffered from any form of physical and psychological effects due to cosmetic surgery, then don’t hesitate to call us now.

Have any of the following situations have occurred:

  • You were not provided with sufficient and relevant information about the risks
  • Your surgeon and his team did not perform the procedure according to standards, thus, resulting in your illness or injury
  • You were the recipient of defective products, as is the case with a damaged or faulty implant
  • You were not provided with the appropriate after-care services

We can provide competent, compassionate, and committed legal services to pursue your cosmetic surgery claims. You deserve only the best because the impact of the botched cosmetic surgery on your life may be devastating in the physical and psychological ways.

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