The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the body.

Modern science and technology continue to provide hope for millions of people with eye-related health issues. Sometimes even the most advanced science and technology are subject to the errors of judgement, wilful negligence, and mistakes of their human operators – and this is where patients and/or their families may need to make eye related  negligence claims.

If you have suffered from physical and psychological injuries caused by eye-related medical procedures, please contact us to discuss your potential negligence claim.

You can file eye related claims in several instances, such as night vision difficulties, corneal infection and scarring, drooping eyelid (ptosis), over or under correction, and blindness. We truly understand that even the smallest changes in your vision can adversely impact your quality of life, including your ability to earn, so we work towards getting you the monetary compensation you deserve.

When you contact us, we can provide the following services characterised by competent professional knowledge and compassionate personal approach:

  • Prompt investigation into the circumstances surrounding your case;
  • Expert advice about the steps, challenges and issues involved when filing eye related claims;
  • Early compensation claims useful in payments for private healthcare, rehabilitation services, and loss of income.

We work with many health & medical professionals who can analyse and assess your physical and psychological injuries in relation to the eye procedures that you have undergone. Knowing which experts to instruct to assist and support your claim is absolutely paramount in this area of law.

Please contact us today to discuss your potential claim and see how we can help you or your loved one at this difficult time.