Fatal claims and inquests can be brought against individuals, groups and institutions that have caused the death of others, such as their patients.

These claims usually arise (but are not restricted to) the following scenarios:

  • Death after hospital admission;
  • Death after surgery;
  • Failure for hospital admission;
  • Failure of the ambulance and/or paramedics to promptly act on a emergency call;
  • Delay in surgery resulting in the patient’s early demise;
  • Failure to diagnose and treat an illness or injury resulting in death

We are also able to provide full legal representation at inquests as well as provide advice including preparation for pre-inquest proceedings. You must act as soon as possible and keep in mind the three-year limitation period (i.e., from the date you first knew or can reasonably be expected to know about the significant injury resulting in death or from the date of death, whichever is the latter date).

You deserve the best solicitors on your side especially when you are facing a Goliath against David battle and here at Laker Legal Solicitors we will be your advocate in getting the justice you and your loved ones deserve.

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