Whenever a patient consults or receives treatment from a medical or dental professional or organisation, they are owed a ‘duty of care’ under which all healthcare providers must ensure, as far as reasonably possible, that no harm comes to a patient under the provider’s care.

Medical Negligence or Clinical Negligence occurs when there has been a failure to meet this minimum duty and you have suffered as a result of a :

  • delay in diagnosis
  • a mis-diagnosis
  • incorrect treatment
  • a delay in treatment
  • injury or death following treatment

During 2011 & 2012 there were 9,143 clinical negligence claims made against the NHS which is estimated to be around a 65% rise over the last 5 years. During 2013 & 2014 the NHS set aside over 22 billion pounds for medical negligence related claims.

Please contact our medical negligence team who will have a free, no obligation, discussion with you regarding your potential claim in order to discuss the merits of your claim how to fund your case and how we can best assist you at this extremely difficult time.