If you have been injured on the road, at your place of work, in a public place, as a result of criminal activity, by a defective product or because of your current or previous employment, and you were not to blame then you probably have a claim for compensation. But it is so difficult these days to decide where to go for help.

It is so vital to your case that you exercise the very greatest care in choosing the person to represent you in connection with your claim.

Since the Government allowed organisations other than your trusted local solicitor, to deal with accident and personal injury claims, a whole host of claims companies and claims advisers have sprung up.

For members of the public this has been thoroughly confusing and inevitably this surge of new people into the accident claim market place has attracted some “sharks.”

These are effectively salesmen who do not have any regard to the best interests of their clients at all. Horror stories have unfolded of people losing large chunks of their compensation and/or being sold products that they didn’t actually need. Some commentators would say that it has been akin to a gathering of vultures!

Hardly surprising then that the Government is talking about making substantial changes to the mess they created in the first place. One wonders what was ever wrong with your trusted local solicitor dealing with things for you without any middlemen taking their cut.

The public has always known that all solicitors are very strictly controlled and regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority. They are trained and obligated to put the interests of their clients first even before self-interest. They are professionally bound to do so. The Solicitors Regulation Authority is tough on any member who breaches its professional rules.

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